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Handmade Italian quality.

We're obsessed about quality. From prototyping to coloring, from assembling to polishing, each phase happens here, in the heart of the Italian manufacturing world.
Meet our artisans.

Our artisans work from Milan, Italy. After the traditional cutting of the leather, they assemble, polish and check every individual bag by hand. Ensuring the highest possible quality.

How our bags are born.

First comes the idea, the sketch, the design. From that moment we sample different leathers until we find what we are looking for: a leather built to last, resistant yet soft to the touch, smooth yet not too thin. Then the leather is cut in the shapes that are part of the iconic shape of AMA. Those leather sections are attached together and their junctures painted through a mechanical brush and then heated in ovens, to amalgamate the color. Their sides are now smoothed by a rotating wheel and eventually combined. The outside sections are put together through a special plier, while the internal ones are glued by hand. Eventually, the detachable strap is realized and the details, such as the metallic logo, are finalized.

From prototype to product: the making of AMA

Here you see the evolution of our nano bags, from the still open prototype to the full-body bag, up to the bag with the upper handle attached.