AMA is the imperative form of the Italian verb to love.


We wanted to create an icon. Not a bag you wear and toss. A piece of clothing embedding at its core what made in Italy used to be. And that was, simply, a list of words, like La Dolce Vita. And that was the beauty: we were artisans, designers, directors — all famous for building icons. Whether cars, recipes or dresses.

So why do we need another icon? Why another bag? Because it’s a reminder. We realized something: we are the first generation of this planet that could virtually choose anything. You are a day away from the rest of the world. You’re witnessing the beginning of the age of space exploration. Of genetic manipulation. Of intelligent machines. Of the craziest talents and dreams brought forward by eight billion people waking up, making love, running, working, praying everyday. Yet we’re the most constrained generation of them all. Something someone wise once defined paralysis of choice: when you have so many choices, futures, partners, cities-you-could-live-into, careers, hobbies, universes, that you don’t know how to choose anymore. So you don’t. And that’s already a choice.

This bag is a reminder of one of the most powerful assumptions at the core of life: you truly, deeply live only when you choose what you love. When you do what you love. When you’re indistinguishable from it. Whether it’s writing a book, starting a company, raising a child, traveling the planet or making the entire scientific world move forward with you.

And that’s what AMA is, at its roots: we are the imperative form of the Italian verb to love. We are the reminder to rise until you find that very thing you love — until the end of time. Ama should be read like ama!, with an exclamation mark. Cause what you love is the only compass you are carrying with you. Use it wisely.

You are what you love.